About Us


Carbon AV is a Projects, Logistics, Events and Brands Management Company, whose personalised management services give you more than you bargained for; exceptional brand care and tailor-made occasions that bring your customers and guests closer to you and help create relationships that last. We provide a one-stop shop facility for all types of events from Music Festivals/Concerts to Sporting, Private Parties and Corporate Events. We also provide relevant management support to our clients to grow their brand and business.


We at CARBON AV with a combined experience of close to 35 years in events management and brand management, have executed a number of high-profile projects and have over the years built a reputation with a formidable team.


Events are powerful tools of communication. Way beyond the performance and staying power of well-devised staging is the euphoria it leaves for patrons. The indelible impression of a good experience is a priceless promotional tool. At CARBON AV our tagline of DREAM, DARE, DO, underpins our dedication to fly the event and brands from concept to execution with creative efficiency.


Carbon AV engages support consultants (on a contract basis) from the required relevant fields of industry as the need arises for each and every different project to ensure expert execution and delivery to the client(s).


The company’s founders and management team have gained extensive industry knowledge from their experience in the creative arts, advertising and event management. Carbon AV represents a highly skilled and focused team having handled projects that meet international standards. Our multi-national experience has been gained from dealing with various local and international clients in different industries, both private and public.

We take care of your event

With CARBON AV Projects & Events, you’ll have exclusive access to a highly professional event planning team who measure their performance against your satisfaction. Our event management company will advise and assist you to realize your own special vision or help you to create one that shines. Our team has worked for many of the top events companies in Ghana and organized events for some of the nation’s leading brands with great success.


Years of Experience


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Our Approach

At Carbon AV, we know that a truly successful event starts way before the lights, camera and action. These components are important parts of the event, but they do not define the event. Understanding your organization and the business reasons for putting on an event lays the foundation that ensures your event is providing a return on investment. We achieve that with a 3 part system Dream, Dare, Do.